Karen Giesbrecht, RD

Hello! I am a registered dietitian with a good story to tell.

Happy Colon, Happy Soul


Happy Colon, Happy Soul

This book is an exploration of how we share food with others, particularly our vulnerable neighbours. In these pages, some of Vancouver’s more colourful souls will tell us about the costs of poverty and privilege, as well as the long, slow heart shifts we experience on the journey toward healthier eating. Sharing food and making space where those on the margins are welcomed is both delightful and difficult. There is no manual on how to do this. Someone could try to write one, but no two moments are ever the same, and the way each of us prefers to eat is as unique and personal as our signatures.

Through these stories, we can hopefully learn to nourish ourselves and our neighbours a little better. Do these pages contain the recipe for a happier colon? And a happier soul? Pick up this book to find out.

Work with me:

I have a particular focus on community food program transformation, mental heath & nutrition.

  • 1 Hour Nutrition Consult - $120

  • Program or Menu Review - variable

  • Group cooking or nutrition education - variable


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